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Resident Happy Life Programme

Happy Days is so much more than a roof for the residents. Together we have developed a programme using the strengths of volunteers and external professional services. The programme is led by what the residents want and need, to go from homelessness, to living independent purposeful lives.

Its all about community, connection and building networks of support. Happy Days is unique and when a resident joins us they are welcome to be a part of our community for life. Beyond our intensively supported accommodation we have move on properties that are provided with light touch support or there are volunteering opportunities to stay connected. The Happy Life Programme encourages residents to become volunteers and to get work experience through social enterprise.

All our residents are asked to engage and commit through their housing license agreement. Part of that agreement is engaging in meaningful activity Monday to Friday in Happydays Happy Life programme. The programme focus’ on 3 key areas:


Happy Life

Which focus’ on self – This may include Recovery from Addiction, Mental Health and personal development.


Happy Home

Which focus’s on maintaining a safe and secure tenancy – This may include cooking, DIY, paying bills and debt support to exploring strengths and helping them become even stronger.


Happy community

Which focuses on become a positive member of the community – This includes volunteering, peer to peer support and developing supportive networks for independent living.

Happy Days


In the last 12 months, Happy Days have made some incredible partnerships with other support organizations. This has significantly increased the opportunities and support options for our residents.

We actively encourage partner working, it takes lots of organisations working together to solve homelessness. Please contact us if you want to work together.

We actively encourage partner working, it takes lots of organisations working together to solve homelessness. Please contact us if you want to work together.

Meet James, Psychotherapist at Reflections House

“Addiction is a disease of isolation; you feel isolated from everybody and even yourself.  

Reflections is a 26 bed, and we take people with addiction and mental health problems, and we give them a safe space where they can deal with the trauma and deal with the pain and the hurt they have been numbing all their lives.  

The next problem they have is how do they fit into a society that has shunned them and that hasn’t wanted them, that’s why we partnered with Happydays and in that time they sent 5 people to Reflections for recovery and then we refer them back to Happydays to prevent them from falling back into addiction through not knowing how-to live-in society.  

Happydays support people at risk of homelessness and give them the skills for employment.  They accept people and the guys that have come to Happydays are doing amazingly well, they are flourishing here.  

It’s turned their lives around so it’s been a really great partnership.”

Make a difference in people’s lives

Community support is vital to our work with the homeless. There are lots of ways you can help.