Happydays Communities

My people shall dwell in a peacable habitation, in safe dwellings and in quiet resting places

Isaiah 32:18

Whats the problem?

The community we work with is made up of extremely vulnerable individuals suffering poverty on all levels, whose lives have been lost due to addictions, generational chaotic lifestyles and the loss of basic essentials such as safe accommodation, purpose and lack of unconditional love. The problem is not a new one, its one that has been here for many years but a declining economic climate has led to a lack of understanding and negative attitudes in many parts of our society. This led us to question…What is Community? Who are our neighbours? and where can we go for help when in need?

What we do

Happy Days Community has set up group homes within communities across Yorkshire and has helped set up similar models in South Shields. These communities offer safe accommodation and provide unconditional, practical and social support which is bringing about new hope for individuals.